Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Home life

Skyler is doing pretty well, having a bit of pain and spasms but we can control that with pain meds and Valium. This biggest issue we have is with moving him and making sure he is comfortable. He can handle about an hour in his wheelchair and hen wants to get out and be on the floor to stretch out. So this means a lot of coordination and lifts, which means we both need to be here most of the time to handle him!

So we are lucky that I can work from home, and I have a lot of really good people and an understanding boss I work with.

Here is Skyler getting transfered in the Hoyer lift:

Here is is chilling on the floor watching a DVD:

His G-Tube continues to leak so we are heading back to the doc today to have them look at that. It probably needs to be replaced, but that isn't much of a deal.


Anonymous said...

He seems like he's in much better spirits now that he's home. Keep it up Skyler!

Hot Lemon said...

thanx for NOT posting pix of the leaking tube, but THANX for posting all th' others.

I think if they made that lift in designer colours, they'd have a lot of buyers putting them on their back porches!!

Sky-mon is lookin' a lot better!! Hooray for them lil' happy pills!! (or, liquid, i guess. Th' liquid would work faster, now that I thunk of it... I'll have to ask fo' some th' next time)

Bubs said...

Glad you're back home. Good luck with the recovery and the pain management!