Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saturday through midday

Skyler is more than ready to go home!! He has been a little crabby this morning... even with Holiday Singers outside his room! Don't even try to make me happy!!!

We washed his hair with shampoo in his bed with a couple of towels and a plastic trash bag. It worked well.

He is in his chair and he used his left hand a little to run his DVD!! YEA! Made my day!! He is still very weak and not as motivated as usual. But it is a step in the right direction. He moved his legs today also. That is the first time he has moved them since the surgery. He is making progress today because he is really DONE with being in the hospital!!

He is off of oxygen right now. He needs it when he has had his pain meds and at night. We will work on that today and hopefully go home without oxygen. The Pulse-Ox below rules our life right now. 92 on the left is his O2 level (90-100 is where he needs to be) . 118 on the right is his pulse rate.

We have been cleared to go home by the ortho department. I think if we learn the 2 person lift, bathing and dressing instructions we will go home tomorrow. Skyler is pretty miserable and upset I think he will be better at home. Let's hope!

We went down stairs to cruise around and see the decorations. Skyler saw the front door and was ready to make a run for it!!! :-)

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday.
Kathy and Chris


Hot Lemon said...

'tis a good thing there 'ent no motor on that chair, or he WOULD be zoomin' th hell outta there!!

can't blame 'em, tho-- hospitals suck the big'un.

Anonymous said...

Chris & Kathy, thanks for posting progress updates. From a selfish prospective, it's really nice to be able to check in to read how everything's going.
I know that everyone who reads what you're going through wish that in some way they could better support the 3 of you.
I'm so pleased to hear that the experts are happy with Skyler's progress.
My thoughts remain with Skyler and both of you.


Teri said...

you can definitely tell when folks are feeling better they get crabby and want to make a bolt out the front door.

I'm glad the operation was successful!

Johnny Yen said...

My Saturday is going well, knowing you guys are out of the woods.