Monday, December 24, 2007

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile

Things have been kind of staying the same around here. Skyler continues to spend just a little time in his chair and more time laying down. It will take a long time until he is back to handling a full day sitting up!

It occurred to me that I have pictures of about everything except Skylers temporary hospital bed, which we have squeezed into his room. The reason we need this is because we need to be able to raise him up and down to attach him to the sling and lift. Also, the Hoyer lift can't go under his regular bed because it is a wooden frame with drawers on the bottom, with no room for the legs of the lift to roll under.

So it is tight in his room!

1 comment:

Hot Lemon said...

well, at least you know there 'ent no big par-tays goin' on in thar!!