Thursday, November 29, 2007

11-29, midday

Last night we "graduated" from the PICU to a regular room on the Ortho wing. Pretty nice place! Skyler had a better night last night. He is off of the narcotics and on some oral pain meds that seem to be working better and not making him so disorganized and agitated. He has had a busy morning today. He flew through the air via the Hoyer Lift, pretty cool, and is sitting in the recliner chair (Lazy-Boy chair).

He was not happy about sitting in it, a little worried about being out of bed and still sore. His pain meds have kicked in so now he is snoozing in the chair watching TV. We'll get him in the chair one more time today and then tomorrow have him sit in his wheelchair. Eric from Aspen Sitting will come and make any adjustments to his chair that need to be done.
We washed Skyler's hair while he was in the chair. They have a waterless hair baggie that goes over their head, and then you just scrub awhile, take it off and dry with a towel.

He looks like a new man!! He has to clean up as Dr. Joyce is on the floor today and is stopping by to say "Hi"! That just may bring a smile to his face.... not many smiles these days.
His crit is low again so he may need more blood today. We are still waiting to see the doctors.
He isn't using his left hand much, except to pull off his oxygen. We hope once he is in his wheelchair that he will try to use it more.

Dr Chang stopped by and said Skyler is ahead of the game. We'll see how he does in his chair. We have time to get more comfortable using the lift, dressing and rolling him.

OK, back in bed now after an hour in the chair and he is worn out. It's a pretty big deal when you are recovering, just to sit someplace else.

Now for a tour:

Yes, that is a 25" flat screen hanging up there... I may just move in here myself!


Grant Miller said...

I was gonna say. Compared to most hospital rooms I've been in, that looks pretty sweet.

Hope he's getting some much needed rest.

Teri said...

and you would even get room service.....

I think you've found a new home.

Hot Lemon said...

THE biggest improvement ANY hospital can make, hands down and no lie is to give EACH PATIENT THEIR OWN GODDAMNED ROOM. How in th' hell we expected people to get better when their roommate's TV was going on at all hours, I never knew.

Thatsa' fancy 'poohat Sky-Man's got! Make sure to show that to his girly-friends!!

I feel bad for him cuz, lets face it, he looks like about a mile of bad road, and with good cause, especially now that they're givin' him them lil' candy pills instead of The Good Stuff via IV, th' pain has gotta S-U-C-K B-U-T-T.

Still, regardless, it's obvious that he's a bigger trooper than *I* am-- I would be totally pussed out and cryin' fer me mum if we switched places.

Hot Lemon said...

Hey, does th' Sky-Man like anything Disney? or be he too cool for that? I think maybe I should send him a Jack Sparrow tricorn pirate hat or something from us. He can wear it on Fridays...

SkylersDad said...

Grant: Thanks, he is starting to get some sleep now, which is what we all need. This place is sooo much better than the old hospital.

Teri: It's got everything I need, except a place to walk the dogs.

HL: Thanks for the offer of Disney stuff, but he fancies himself a big 16 year old now and is trying to be cool. The drugs are still good, I keep holding out my hand but so far nobody is helping me out!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear he's getting better and feeling better. You go skyler!