Monday, November 26, 2007

Can you believe he grew 2 inches?

Dr Chang just came out of the OR. Skyler did very well, he did loose a lot of blood, over 4 pints that we thought he would use. They just about replaced his entire blood supply! This is because he is on Depakene for seizures, and that has a blood thinning side effect.
He will be transfered to the ICU now for those doctors to watch over him for a couple of days. We will get to go see him in about 2 hours.

They had better results on the surgery than they expected, being able to straighten his curves almost all the way. They told us Skyler probably grew 2 inches, hard to imagine!

Thanks again everyone!


Nancy Anderson said...

Chris and Kathy,
Your commitment to Skyler and to keeping the family informed is so commendable. I would be having a hard time just keeping myself together if one of my boys were in Skyler's place. Your are a courageous family and an inspiration to me.
Luv 2 U

Anonymous said...

Phew, my prayers for a full and speedy recovery are going out to you!

Hot Lemon said...

uh, oh-- now he's gonna be taller than yew folk!! :)

that IS a lotta blood to lose, but thank goodness we gots the technology to put it BACK IN. Maybe he'll be refreshed somehow with all new blood??

GETkristiLOVE said...

Wow, that's amazing that he grew that much in one fell swoop.