Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kathy's update from this morning

I came home last night to take care of the house/dogs, and will be heading to the hospital shortly to tag off with Kathy so she can come home and get some rest.

Here is her update:

Good Morning!
Skyler had a pretty good night last night.
They rolled him onto his side a couple of times. The incision looks very good, I didn't look at it, just taking the nurses word for it. He did well on his lung test to get off of the vent. They just took an x ray of his lungs, so if all goes well, they will work on taking him off of the vent today.
He just woke up for a couple of minutes and is watching the news on the cool TV but is back asleep now.
The bleeding from the incision has slowed down considerably and he is peeing. YEA! His blood count is down and they may need to give him more blood but will do some more tests and see how it goes. They would prefer not to give him anymore blood so are hoping his counts come up on their own. I'll know more after the doctors do their rounds.
I was able to sleep for 1-2 hours at a time then the nurses would come and do things with Skyler. They are wonderful! Very very good and very gentle and caring with Skyler. It hit me about 2:30 this morning that we have a long stay here... OH MY! I was so focused on the surgery, that the length of the stay hadn't hit me yet. But we will get through it. I hope the nurses on the Ortho floor are as good as the ones in the PICU. I found the shower, OJ and coffee and am somewhat awake.
Chris and the dogs had a good night at home. Chris will come down later this morning and will spend the night with Skyler tonight. It will be weird to be at home without them. I haven't been home all by myself at night since Skyler's hip surgery way back in 1999!! It maybe too quiet for me! I'll miss the sound of the vent and his ice machine!
Well that is all for now. Thank you to everyone for their thoughts, prayers and visits. We are very fortunate to have such wonderful support in our lives.
Skyler is so brave and strong, we are very proud of him!
Thanks again
Kathy Chris and Skyler


Hot Lemon said...

the sound of the ice machine? The dude's got his own ice machine??

Maaan, I'm all wore out just READIN' this stuff; 'tis amazin y'all are holdin' up so well... unless you're fakin' it for th' rest of us, but somehow I don't think so.

Hang in thar! And for cryin' out loud, put on Spongebob or something other than th' news!!

Slinger said...

Incredible. I just read all the posts and I am still amazed at how surgeons are able to do all of this stuff.

Glad to hear he is doing better, and hope to read more positive posts in the coming days!

Anonymous said...

Very happy that he's recovering nicely!

Grant Miller said...

Glad he's doing well. You two should try and get some sleep too. It's been a busy busy few days, no doubt.