Friday, November 30, 2007

Out of the gown

Skyler's incision drain and catheter were removed this morning, and we are weaning him off of his oxygen. His crit level came up a point. If it continues to go up, he won't need anymore blood.

He is out of his hospital gown and in a T-shirt and sweats! He has met the Poop Criteria.... A Big One!! The nurse said he is checked off in that area!

We still need to learn the 2 person lift from the bed to his chair. We will do that today or tomorrow.

The OT came by to look at his left arm but Skyler was asleep when she was here. She thinks it is just from the postition he was in during the surgery and once he is up in his chair and feeling better he will use it more. Eric from the wheelchair place is coming later this afternoon to adjust Skyler's wheelchair.

I'm hoping to take Skyler on a little tour of the hospital tomorrow if he is up to it. The Hospital is starting to look very festive. They have put up decorations inside and out. Everyday there is something new.


Hot Lemon said...

in clothes and his chair already? What, they renting his bed already?? :) Remember th' good ol' days when you'd stay in bed for a week?

Big Poop is always a reason to celebrate. In fact, I'm crackin' a beer open right now!! ::krakk, psssfsht!!::

Hee-- I had visions of Sky-man doing some sort of Three Stooges: "lemmie see that arm there, son..." WHAP-SCHLAPP!!

"Yup, workin' fine now..." ::falls to floor::

If my son, Iron Monkey, ever needs surgery, I'm sending him to you since you're doing such a fantastic job with your dude. I'd have to curse & swear an' tear me hair in dispair.

Suze said...

He looks a lot better already. I think he's just waiting for the mistletoe to be put up and get kisses from the nurses before he's 100%.

Typical teen :)

Dick Small said...

Good going Skyler! You're doing great!