Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Second day recovery blues

Last night into this morning were pretty tough for our man Skyler. The initial pain management, which involves a spinal block and great drugs wore off. They are giving him some other pain meds, but it doesn't do quite as good of a job.

To keep his lungs clear and avoid pneumonia, he gets lung treatments every 4 hours. Those are nasty! Breath in some yucky smelling medicine, then strap on a mask that pushes air in by force to open up air pathways. None of the kids like it, the respiratory therapist is the devil in disguise to these kids.

Thanks again everyone, you are all great friends,


GETkristiLOVE said...

Poor little guy... hang in there Skyler!

Kerry said...

Sorry he's not feeling so hot. :( I hope it gets better soon and he can get off the nasty breathing treatments.

Thinking of you guys,

Hot Lemon said...

I used to work in a hospital. Resp. therapists were NOT the favs of the patients, though most of them were beautiful, caring people.

Come to think of it, the x-ray techs & the phlebotomists weren't well liked, neither. Nor was the woman with the Machine that Goes 'Ping!'

I tell ya, it's all downhill for a few days when they discontinue the GOOD drugs...

Well, hang in thar, hunny, FRIDAY'S comin!!

Marlene said...

You write very well.