Friday, January 8, 2010

Skylers seating system

I had a few people ask me about Skylers chair, and the custom seating system he uses. So I thought I would put together a post about it with some pictures.

This is Skyler sitting in the chair:

The chair is a tilt in space model, meaning that we can release the mechanism that holds him in a seating position by gripping the brake lever looking handles, and pushing down. Then he tilts backwards, remaining in a seated position, in order to position him better or give him a g tube feeding.

Here is the chair tilted back:

His seating system is made by Aspen and is formed to his body. It is costom made to support him better, with support on the sides, air holes in the back for cooling, and shoulder straps as well as a lap belt. There is an attachment for his headrest also. Here are some shots of his older one that I drug up from the basement:

The seating system is held in place with a belt that attached around the back of the chair (seen above) as well as two large thumb screws that screw in through the bottom of the wheel chair base into the seating system.

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dmarks said...

Very interesting and very familiar to me. You should check into getting those cool glow in the dark tubes.